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If you do not have a username and password, please contact Andy at c2-274-12@northerntrails.org, the course Scribe.

In addition to using the "Course Pictures" pull-down menu, the photos from the course are available here:
http://c2-274-12.northerntrails.org/photos/index.html(external link)
http://gilwellc227412.shutterfly.com/(external link)

Please feel free to browse the documents stored in the "File Vault" from the top menu


The "My Ticket" item in the top menu is (or will be) the digital version of your Ticket.

As you plan your ticket, please update it here. As you work your ticket back to Gilwell, please also update your ticket with your progress. This is also a great way to keep your ticket counselor up to speed on your progress.

Select your Ticket Counselor:

As a participant in the C2-274-12, you are being asked to select your own Ticket Counselor. The course staff has already selected a list of outstanding Woodbadge trained Scouters from which to choose your counselor. To aid in your selection, we have attached a map showing the residence of each eligible counselor. You are welcome to make your selection based on geographical proximity, or you may use other criterion to make your selection.

Once you have identified a possible counselor, you will then look for their contact information in the "File Vault". After logging in, the File Vault will be located in the gray bar above. From the File Vault drop down, select Participant Files. Then, click the "C2-274-12 Ticket Counselors.pdf" file. Upon selection, the file will automatically download to the default download location on your computer. Using this information, contact the counselor you selected. Our goal is to match one counselor with only one Woodbadge Candidate. After you have been accepted by the counselor, please send a quick e-mail to . Include your name and your counselors name in the e-mail. If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to contact Mike Lange at (231) 675-0350.

Ticket Counselor Map(external link) Note: If a counselor does not have a balloon on this map, they have already been assigned to another candidate.